Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Traffic restrictions around Woodcote Schools

From Peter Morgan


1    There will be a special meeting of the RUF at the Coulsdon Community
Centre on Friday 1 Sep 2017, starting at 730pm.

    This will be a public meeting, focusing on the Woodcote School access
ban issue.
    As always, all are welcome, whatever their point of view.

    It is being organised by myself and Sumera Shamin, the parent who set up
the Petition.
    The purpose is to update and co-ordinate the campaign against this new
access ban.

2    The next Regular meeting of the RUF will at the Coulsdon Community
Centre on Friday 22 Sep 2017, starting at 730pm.
    The Agenda will follow, but do let me know of any issue you would like

3    CWRA (Coulsdon West Residents Association) are holding their AGM on
Thursday 7 Sep 2017, again at the Coulsdon Community Centre,
    CWRA cover the Woodcote Schools, and this is an opportunity for people
to come and discuss whether the scheme should be supported, postponed or
simply scrapped altogether.

4    "The aims of this experimental scheme are to bring about a change in
attitudes to the daily drive to school by encouraging walking and more
sustainable travel choices for those that have that flexibility" - a direct
quote from Cllr Stuart King.
    So this is not about child safety.  It is a naked attempt to force
parents to stop taking their children to school by car because he wants us
all to walk or cycle everywhere.
    Be sure driving to work or to leisure will be next - put "to work" for
"to school".


5    I have prepared an update file of how to object and complain, and where
to send these - see appended.
    Why not email several people in one email?

6    One key action is to send in Objections.
    Head it as below, so the council can't make you wait till they publish
the Traffic Order.

    Implementation of new parking restrictions in the Meadow Rise, Dunsfold
Rise ? Fairfield Way Area.
    I refer to your letter of 1 July 2017, and write to object to the
Restrictions that you describe in that letter.

7    "I have also written to the Government asking them to look into what
can be done, including taking action under the Road Traffic Regulation
Act."- Chris Philp MP.  That is good, but do keep Chris Philp informed of
your views.  We want him to really push this case.

8    Do spread the word.
    See the Petition and my file for more on this.


   Coulsdon Community Centre
   Upstairs room - Doors open from 7pm - meetings start at 730pm - end about

   Chipstead Valley Rd, Coulsdon CR5 3BE
   Entrance in Barrie Close - turn right just before the BP petrol station
   Large free car park onsite, and free parking in roads outside
   Buses 166 and 434 stop in the main road nearby.

    Peter Morgan    Organiser, Coulsdon & Purley Road User Forum

    PJM, 1953, Sat 12-8-17