Sunday, 8 November 2020

Transport for London proposes some changes to the 166 and 455 bus routes (and several others in Croydon and Sutton).
We don't think that the 166 changes are an improvement - quite the opposite. There won't be a convenient and level access to Purley Hospital, because the nearest bus stop will be in Pampisford Road, at the back of the hospital. Apart from having to cross Pampisford Road, the rear access is via a steep path. Not so difficult for able-bodied people, but not much fun if you are in a wheelchair, or helping someone else in one. Also, the journey time to Central Croydon will be increased by 8 minutes.
Take some time to view the full information on their own website - with maps and descriptions - and then make your comments.
The consultation period will close on 20th December. TFL link is here: sutton-croydon-bus-changes

Friday, 31 July 2020

TFL announce LU Stations Real Time Information app update to improve theTurn Up and Go (TUAG) service.

TFL announce LU Stations Real Time Information app update
 to improve theTurn Up and Go (TUAG) service. 
Turn-up-and-go means you do not have to pre-book assistance to use our services.

Station staff will now receive a pop-up TUAG incoming journey notifications which tells them when a TUAG
 customer is on route to their station along with an estimated arrival time.

Key features and benefits:

  • The new notification message ensures station staff are aware of an incoming TUAG journey,
  •  even if the app is not in use on their iPad
  • The estimated arrival time feature will help staff plan customer collection
  •  more accurately, improving the quality and consistency of our TUAG service 
  • by ensuring customers are collected promptly

For further information about Turn up and Go, please visit

Jacqueline Stevens | Engagement Officer
Transport for London | City Planning | Local Communities & Partnerships

    Forthcoming Works in Area 4
    Coulsdon Road
As part of SGN mandatory gas replacement scheme there continues to be 2 way or multi way signals along Coulson Road. It is planned to commence the renewal of the gas service pipes as from the 24.8.2020 this follows agreement with SGN for entry into residential properties on condition that strict observance of the social-distancing, wearing of PPE clothing and consent of the residents are complied with. The first section will involve the re-introduction of 4 way traffic signals at the junction with The Crossways – Coulsdon Road – Keston Avenue, It is essential that this section be completed prior to the re-opening of schools in September. Work will continue in Coulsdon Road with the re-introduction of side road closures, this will allow for the use of 2 Way traffic signals.
Tennison Close which is the final phase of work on Coulsdon Road is provisionally scheduled to commence on the 10th August 2020, this will be subject to the progress being made with the service renewal on the Coulsdon Road – Tollers Lane programme.
Rydons Lane is the last phase of these two projects. Due to the narrowness of the road a traffic order has been applied for to close the road. This work is scheduled to commence on 24th August  and expected to be completed in 6 weeks. All properties to be visited for discussions with residents for access to carry out the renewal of their gas service pipe.
Lacey Drive
With the continued road closure at its junction with Coulsdon Road this has allowed for considerable progress to be made. All the gas service pipes will be renewed and the permanent re-instatement will be completed by the 1st August 2020. The road closure and bus diversion will be re-opened on that date.

Pampisford Road
Work has commenced on the final section of open trenching to the junction with Kendra Hall Road, all service pipes have been laid from the replacement main and laid commissioned to a capped end in the footway / verge. The permanent reinstatement of the carriageway is up to date. The outstanding completion of the service pipes renewal (from the footway / verge) into the residential properties has yet to be confirmed, as and when this takes place, but it is hoped to be before the schools go back in September.  The works will be not need further incursion into the carriageway
St Augustines Avenue
As part of SGN mandatory gas mains replacement scheme, St Augustine’s Avenue will reopen on Monday 3rd August
Purley Way
SGN will be starting a gas mains replacement scheme from its junction with Mill   Lane to Waddon Court Road from 22nd July. For the first phase Waddon Road will be closed at its junction with Purley Way and Purley Way and Mill Lane will be controlled with three way signals. This phase is expected to be completed on 5th August although the whole scheme is expected to take 10 weeks. All remaining phases will be carried out without the further use of temporary traffic signals.
Waddon Road
SGN will be starting a gas mains replacement scheme in Purley Way, from its junction with Mill Lane to Waddon Court Road, from 22nd July. For the first phase Waddon Road will be closed at its junction with Purley Way and Purley Way. This is expected to be reopened on 5th August.
Old Lodge Lane/Hayes Lane
To facilitate gas mains replacement work SGN will be closing the junction of Hayes Lane and Old Lodge Lane from 27th July to 5th August. Whilst the restriction is in force the diversion routes for traffic will be via    Hayes Lane, Park Road, A22, and Burntwood Lane (and vice versa) or via Old Lodge Lane, A23, and A22
Brighton Road, Purley
Thames Water are working on a water leak outside The Pear Tree for which they are using two way temporary signals. They have been instructed to manually control the lights at peak times. This work should be completed by 5th August
Sussex Road
Sussex Road will be closed on two consecutive Sunday 2nd and 9th August to facilitate a new gas connection. Whilst the closure is in place the diversion routes for traffic will be via Moreton Road, Croham Road, Croham Manor Road and Selsdon Road and vice versa, or via Sussex Road and Selsdon Road.
Selsdon Road
Thames Water will be making use of buses being on diversion to carry out a new service connection at the northside junction with Sussex Road. They will be using multi way signals to facilitate the repair on Sunday 2nd August
Foxley Lane
SGN will be using 2 way temporary signals to facilitate their work for a new service connection 3rd to 10th August. The signals will be manually controlled at peak times to ease traffic flows
To complete a gas mains replacement scheme SGN will be using two way temporary signals to control the traffic, outside numbers 36 to 38, which will be manually controlled through the morning and evening peak times. This work will commence on the 3rd and be completed by the 11th August.
Coulsdon Road
To facilitate an urgent repir on a link box UKPN will be using two way temporary signals near the junction with Tennison Close from 4th to 7th August
Parsons Mead
To facilitate a new water connection Thames Water will be using two way temporary signals to control the traffic outside number 10 from 4th to 11th August
Hill Road
To facilitate a new service connection SGN will be using two way lights from 7th to 13th August
Waddon Road
Thames Water will be using 4 way temporary signals at the junction of Waddon Road/Waddon New Road/Epsom Road from, 8pm to 5am each evening, from 10th to 14th August to facilitate the laying of a new service pipe.
Hollymeoak Road
To facilitate the installation of a correlation point SESW will be using two way temporary signals from 10th 14th August

Riddlesdown Road
To facilitate a new service connection outside number 80, SGN will be using two way temporary signals from 10th to 18th August

Selsdon Road
SGN will be starting a gas mains replacement scheme from its junction with St Peters Road to Drovers Road from 3rd August to 2nd September. To facilitate these works there will be three way lights on the roundabout and Croham Road will be one way from the roundabout to St Peters Street
Brighton Road, Coulsdon
SESW will be making Brighton Road one way southbound between its junctions with Farthing Way and The Avenue from 17th to 20th August. The diversion for displaced traffic will be via Farthing Way and Brighton Road, or via Smitham Downs Road, Woodcote Grove Road and Brighton Road,
Abbotts Lane
To facilitate a new service connection SGN will be using 2 way signals to control the traffic, outside number 51, from 17th to 24th August

Selsdon Road Bridge
To carry out enabling work for the forthcoming bridge replacement Selsdon Road will be closed on Sunday 6th September, from 7am to 7pm, between its southernmost junction with Sussex Road and its junction with Chelsham Road. The diversion route for traffic will be via St Peter’s Road, Coombe Road, South Park Hill Road, Croham Road and Addington Road

Advance notice of temporary diversions for bus routes 403 and 412 in the South Croydon area for the next two Sundays, and for route 412 in the Sanderstead/ Riddlesdown/ Purley area between Monday 24 and Wednesday 26 August.

403 and 412 – Sunday 2 August, and again on Sunday 9 August, 08:00 to 16:30
Contractors will be working at Selsdon Road up to the junction with Sussex Road on utility connections to nearby properties. To facilitate this work Selsdon Road will be closed to all traffic and buses will take the following diverted routes:

Route 403 towards Warlingham: from Park Lane, left Coombe Road, right South Park Hill Road, left Croham Road, ahead Croham Valley Road, bear right Farley Road, right Addington Road, left at roundabout – first exit Limpsfield Road to normal line of route

Route 403 towards West Croydon: from Limpsfield Road, right at roundabout – third exit Addington Road, left Farley Road, bear left Croham Valley Road, ahead Croham Road, right South Park Hill Road, left Coombe Lane, right Park Lane to normal line of route

Route 412 towards Purley: from Croydon High Street, left Coombe Road, right South Park Hill Road, left Croham Road, ahead Croham Valley Road, bear right Farley Road, ahead Old Farleigh Road to normal line of route

Route 412 towards West Croydon: from Addington Road at Selsdon crossroads, left Farley Road bear left Croham Valley Road, ahead Croham Road, right South Park Hill Road, left Coombe Lane, right Park Lane to normal line of route

We appreciate these diversion routes are lengthy. Unfortunately we are not able to provide single deck vehicles to cover more of the route on these Sundays. To reduce disruption, multiple contractors are working collaboratively to complete as much work as possible while the road is closed. This will reduce the need for further road closures. They will also work over two Sundays so we can maintain bus services for part of the weekend.

412 – Monday 24 to Wednesday 26 August at night  20:00 to 05:00
The London Borough of Croydon is resurfacing the road at Mitchley Avenue between the hours of 20:00 and 05:00. To facilitate this work Mitchley Avenue will be closed to all traffic and bus route 412 will be diverted as follows:

Route 412 towards West Croydon: from Godstone Road at Downs Court Road, ahead Godstone Road, left at roundabout second exit Hillbury Road, right Westhall Road, ahead Hillbury Road, left The Green, left Limpsfield Road, left at roundabout (first exit) Mitchley Hill, right Rectory Park to normal line of route

Route 412 toward Purley: from Rectory Park left Mitchley Hill, right at roundabout second exit Limpsfield Road, right The Green, left Hillbury Road, ahead Westhall Road, left Hillbury Road, right at roundabout (third exit) Godstone Road to normal line of route

Look ahead
In addition to the above, we are planning to restart resurfacing work at Purley Cross, previously brought to a safe-stop in March as a response to the pandemic.

Work will restart from Sunday 23 August at night and will be coordinated with the resurfacing work at Mitchley Avenue.  We will write separately to residents, businesses and stakeholders in the Purley area with further information about this work in due course.

Michelle Wildish
Engagement officer | Local Communities & Partnerships | City Planning
Mobile: 07864 245 586 | Floor 9, 5 Endeavour Square, London, E20 1NJ

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Neighbourhood Watch .have received a number of emails complaining about noise from parties,
loud music or cars speeding up and down normally quiet residential roads.
We have also been informed of an increase in bonfires
which can cause a real nuisance to neighbours.
Please see the following advice from the police and Croydon Council. 
Noise pollution 
Croydon Council has the power to deal with noise nuisance that is considered
to be a statutory nuisance. If you are suffering from a noise pollution issue,
you can report it
by contacting the Pollution Enforcement Team Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm on
020 8760 5483, and night duty officer on 020 8726 6000 Opt 4. 
Common complaints... 
Scams related to coronavirus continue to evolve and circulate.
Please see some examples of common fraud below. 
Due to Covid-19; the advice is not to have bonfires or burn 
garden waste as it may be harmful to people living nearby with breathing difficulties
. Instead the council advise to keep your garden waste,
compost it or set up a garden waste collection. 
The council can issue legal notices to people having nuisance bonfires.
Offenders can be prosecuted and fined up to £5,000 for residential properties
and £20,000 for businesses. 
For advice on bonfires and bonfire regulations or to report 
bonfire nuisance contact the relevant Council team
Brick By Brick are building
new homes in your local area,
starting soon.
With an ongoing housing crisis and
the need for more homes of all tenures
across the borough, development
is essential. While we acknowledge
that it isn’t always popular with
existing residents, we hope that the
construction phase will cause as little
inconvenience as possible, and you
will welcome these new homes when
they are completed.
What is being built
157 new homes (1, 2 and 3 bedroom
flats) provided within 5 new buildings
set within the landscape behind
Lion Green Road car park.
33 homes will be available at
affordable rent through the Council,
46 through shared ownership and
78 through market sale.
The development includes the
provision of vehicular access,
residential and town centre car
parking spaces, hard and soft
landscaping works and new private
and public amenity space.
We are pleased to confirm that we
are now in contract with CField
Construction to build this

How can I find out more
Please visit https://liongreenroad. for more details
about this development and
frequently asked questions.
Please subscribe to the Commonplace
news page to keep up to date on
progress on the site. You will then
receive an email whenever a news
update is published.
Who we are
Brick By Brick are a developer built
for Croydon. We’re building hundreds
of new, high-quality homes each year
and sending the proceeds to Croydon
Council. A new kind of developer,
delivering the housing local people
need and putting the profits to work
for the local population.

More information
Commonplace updates:
Planning documents:
Ref: 17/06297/FUL
Consented January 2019

Estimated start on site date:
Autumn 2020

02 BBB Building Info Leaflet_Lion_Green_Road.
Catalytic converter theft remains an issue on the Borough:

One of your ward officers is keeping a close eye on the offending pattern and we are adjusting our patrols and start
times in the hope of catching the suspects in the act. Any intelligence that can be given please call 101 quoting Op
The precious metal in catalytic converters has led to an increase in their theft.
• To protect your converter from theft, ask your vehicle dealership if they can give you any advice on locks or
guards that are approved by the vehicle manufacturer.
• Alternatively, try to make sure your vehicle is parked in a garage overnight, or if you have a commercial vehicle
park it in a secure compound. If this isn’t possible, park in an area that is well-lit and overlooked and try to park
so that the convertor can’t be easily reached by potential thieves. Vehicles that sit high above the road are
particularly vulnerable.
• You should also register your converter and mark it with a forensic marker, which will make it harder for thieves
to dispose of. Visit: for more details.