Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Dear all 
I write to invite you to come along to the EU Question Time in Coulsdon.
This is to be a genuine fair and balanced debate on the case for STAY and the case for LEAVE.
Friday June 17 2016, at the Coulsdon Community Centre, starting at 730pm and ending about 915pm.
Chipstead Valley Rd, Coulsdon CR5 3BE
Large free car park onsite, and free parking in roads outside
Buses 166 and 434 stop in the main road nearby.
Panel members so far confirmed:
for IN - Tom Brake MP (LIB)
for IN - Charles King (LAB)
for OUT - GLA Steve O'Connell (CON)
Chris Philp MP has been invited to put the government case for IN.
David Kurten, GLA member, has been invited to put the UKIP case for OUT.
No long speeches, just a chance of lots of questions and answers.
The idea is to have five speakers, each with a 2 minute introduction, and then questions from the floor.
All questions should be ones that both sides can fairly answer, with a balance in terms of questions bias.
There would then be a 1-2 minute sum up from all 4 speakers.
We have 3 for IN, as the cases for IN differ amongst CON, LIB, LAB.
For OUT, CON and UKIP will cover their side.. 

Peter Morgan

FYI - New and Resized Box Junctions in Purely Near the Recycling Centre

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Please be Vigilant

There has been reports of people trying to break into sheds, garages and steel bikes/motorbikes in Coulsdon West at present.  There have also been reports of items being stolen from unlocked cars at night.  Please make sure everything is kept locked and well secured. Also please report suspicious behaviour.

Also please ensure bins are kept away from gates as they can be used to access properties.

Keep Safe