Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Croydon Council are again proposing to remove the present One Hour Free Parking system from the Brighton Road in Coulsdon Town Centre, and introduce a new £1 charge from Pay & Display machines on Brighton Road to park for 30 minutes or more. The one hour limit will remain.

Many people do not want to lose the present simple one hour free system, and object to the council's plans, which will mean a new more complicated and confusing system and paying more in charges and fines.

Many agree this new £1 charge would be damaging to the town, its residents, businesses and visitors.
Coulsdon is being victimised with new parking taxes that do not apply elsewhere - see below.

The only way to prevent this happening is for people to send in objections.
If a large number of people write in, the council will have to think again.

Dr Neil Clifton

Chris Philp MP and local councillors are opposing this change, but their voices will only be effective if local people do their bit by sending in their own objections,


Please also encourage others to do so.

The council is meeting on Tuesday 26-4-16 to make a final decision, and we must ensure they see hundreds of objections to this £1 charge.

To assist in making objections, I append two documents.

The first is a possible letter of objection, which lists 13 grounds to object - see end of this email or the appended file.
This document may also be viewed and downloaded here

This can be printed off, signed, and sent by post to this address:
Order Making Section, Parking Design Team,
Place Department, Croydon Council,
Floor 6, Zone C, Bernard Weatherill House,
8 Mint Walk,
Croydon CR0 1EA

Many will prefer to sent in by email to
Copy your objection to the Cabinet Member who will decide, our MP and Coulsdon Councillors:

        Cllr Kathy Bee     <> 
        Chris Philp MP    <>
        Cllr Luke Clancy     <>
        Cllr Jeet Bains      <>
        Cllr James Thompson     <>
        Cllr Margaret Bird     <>
       Cllr Mario Creatura     <>

       Cllr Christopher Wright     <> 

The second document contains three posters and a letter.

I am distributing this to all businesses along the Brighton Road and Chipstead Valley Road in the town centre - along with copies of the objection letter.

Yesterday, over 30 businesses were keen to object.
Only 2 supported the council's new £1 charge - one believing that Aldi customers are using bays on the Brighton Road, seeing people with bags of Aldi shopping going back to their cars,
Those are likely to be shopping for 15-20 minutes (so unaffected by the new £1 charge), while those shopping for 45 mins or so will need a shopping trolley - and to park at Aldi.


In 2009, over 1000 people sent in objections to the council Pay & Display scheme.
As a result, we won our campaign for ONE HOUR FREE PARKING on the Brighton Road.
However the council insisted that meters were needed to avoid abuse - and ignored our fears that the meters would be used to impose charges.

The council consulted traders within the past couple of years on this, and the view was overwhelmingly to keep the one hour free.

The council say “In the past Coulsdon has had especially favourable treatment on free parking and this special treatment is being withdrawn”.
This is untrue. Many other centres have one hour free parking, but only Coulsdon is to lose this.
Upper Norwood, Norbury (2 hours), Kenley, Sanderstead are all being left with their one hour free parking.
Coulsdon is being victimised with new parking taxes that do not apply elsewhere.

The council also say “the one hour free at Coulsdon has been funded through charges in other parts of the borough”.
This is demonstrably false. The council take £2500 per month in parking fines from the Brighton Road in Coulsdon, which is far more than the cost of managing parking here.
Instead of this change, the council should be giving Coulsdon side streets the one hour free parking they promised.

The council talk about a need to “bring in consistency across all the district centres”.
Labour in 2014 promised one hour free parking in all district centres. That is the way to introduce consistency.
However Labour have decided to go against their manifesto commitment.
Instead, charges in Coulsdon and across the borough have been put up sharply - £1 from 70p for 45 minutes in side streets, and £4.20 from £3.60 all day.

What they are actually doing is unlawfully using parking charge increases to fund their pet projects like £148,000 for a half day cycle race.
The council already makes around 30% profit on its onstreet parking, and it plans to use these increased parking taxes to raise this to over 40%.
Court cases have made clear that it is unlawful to use parking as a source of revenue – the council is dissembling to evade this law.

Most people would say the last thing Coulsdon shops and businesses needs now is another burden, making them less competitive with other centres like Wallington and Banstead with masses of free parking, and large supermarkets like Tesco in Purley.

As part of this campaign, many shops are putting up posters in their windows as below:
These are appended, and may also be viewed and downloaded here:


Many (including myself) will have signed the petition organised by Cllr Mario Creatura.

The petition is fine as far as it goes.
The problem with petitions is that the council downplay their masses of signatures.
They take far more notice of masses of individual objections.


Peter Morgan Coulsdon Roads, Traffic & Parking Advisor

Monday, 15 February 2016

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CCG's Urgent Care Review Feedback Results

Here are the results of the CCG’s Urgent Care Review Engagement Feedback report, click here for an electronic version or here for an Easy Read version. 

The full version, that was presented to the Governing Body on 2 February, can be seen here

The report shows what people told us about Urgent Care in Croydon and the options they selected for urgent care delivery in Croydon in the future, as well as the Governing Body’s decision.