Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Coulsdon Town Centre Car Park

The resident's associations of Coulsdon are looking to push against the council once more regarding the parking situation in the town centre, now that the repercussions of the Lion Green Rd closure are being fully felt.

If anyone didn't sign the petition before, please do so now and feel free to encourage anyone else who feels strongly about this. The more signatures the stronger our case to make the council reconsider the situation.


Sunday, 20 September 2015

Croydon Council Consider Scrapping Green Waste Colletion

Croydon council are considering scrapping the green waste collection or possibly replacing it with a paid for service. See below for the petition against this.
The political views expressed in the summary below do not represent CWRA, who are an apolitical group.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Aldi goes back on promise over parking policy

ALDI have put in a planning application for the removal of condition 16 which allows for parking for everyone for 1.5 hour whether parking in the store or not.  This was a condition which was fought for as a condition to not objecting to the planning application.

If you disagree with this please object by writing to the council.

Planning Application 15/03999/P

ALDI -15/03999/P | Erection of two storey building comprising retail foodstore (A1) at ground floor with D1 (training) and B1 (office) at first floor level; provision of associated highway and parking facilities (without compliance with condition 16 - car park management scheme - attached to planning permission 13/02579/p) | Aldi Stores LTD (Former Red Lion Public House) 159 Brighton Road, Coulsdon, CR5 2NH  - WANT TO HAVE 1.5 HOUR PARKING CONDITION FOR ALL TAKEN OFF AND ONLY FOR ALDI CUSTOMERS.

 http://planning.croydon.gov.uk/DocOnline/176138_3.pdf - http://publicaccess.croydon.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=_CROYD_DCAPR_148431


Maureen Levy

Secretary of East Coulsdon Residents Association

Christmas Dinner Dance

Back by Popular Demand

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Diabetes Cause, Symptoms & Treatment

There will be a public meeting organised by Woodcote Medical Patient Participation Group in Purley on Tuesday 13 October, where a guest speaker will present a talk & answer questions relating to diabetes. This event is open to all interested members of the public.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Petition Against the Reduction in Train Services for Coulsdon

This is being co-ordinated by our sister RA; ECRA

At the time of writing although we have not seen the final published timetable for Dec 2015. We are given to believe that even though over 400 people from Coulsdon complained to GTR about the loss of Stops in the Reigate and Tonbridge service at Coulsdon South and the loss of the Tattenham Corner shuttles.

They are not going to make any changes. Nor are they going to provide an additional peak hour trains at Coulsdon South as they said they would. East Surrey Transport Committee also conducted a survey of over 1000 off-peak passengers at Coulsdon South and undertook a number of surveys on the Tattenham Corner shuttle trains.  These showed an overwhelming demand for these trains to continue to stop at Coulsdon South and at least the first and last Shuttle trains to continue.

We are asking you again to protest about this treatment of Coulsdon, the only area that ends up with worse services than now.

Please sign our petition by emailing your contact detais to  info@eastcoulsdon.co.uk and we will co-ordinate the petition

Alternatively sign this online petition

Online Petition from Change.org

ECRA will not publish your details or pass them on to a third party

Also email - 
GTR - Chief Operating Officer Diane Crowther Dyan.Crowther@GTRailway.com 
Chris Philp MP - chris.philp.mp@parliament.uk 
Steve O’Connell - GLA member. steve.oconnell@london.gov.uk

GTR Thameslink & Southern

The above companies are quoted as saying “GTR will provide more evenly spaced trains, a more reliable services and a faster off-peak service. 
Yet in Coulsdon rhey are offering us:

          Fewer trains per hour at Coulsdon Town
         Longer journey times to central London
          The withdrawal of our local service to Reigate and Tonbridge.
          Loss of turn up and go service to London Bridge
          No improvements to peak hour services.

We are asking for you to provide the expanding town of Coulsdon, with a train service that reflect the needs and desires of your passengers by :

          Maintain stops at Coulsdon South in the Reigate and Tonbridge trains.
          Maintaining the 09.33 departure from Tattenham Corner

          Improving the peak hour service.

Here is a the link to the word version of the petition if you prefer

Friday, 4 September 2015

Purley War Memorial Hospital Urgent Care

The photocall went swimmingly this morning, thanks to all who showed up and gave their support.

Here is the Joint Open Letter from the South of the Borough Croydon Residents Associations that is being sent to Jeremy Hunt MP who is the Secretary of State for Health.  Please click on the image below for the full version.