Saturday, 29 August 2015

Leaden Hill Public Consultation

Following on from the meeting on Tuesday...

Please find links for copies of the Leaden Hill Public Consultation feedback questionnaire.
There are two versions – one is an interactive PDF which can be filled on online and then returned via the submit button at the bottom. There is a standard PDF that will need to printed off and returned by post. Closing date for feedback is next Friday 4th September.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Leaden Hill Industrial Estate Consultation Meeting

Tuesday 25th August
From 4-7pm
Coulsdon Methodist Church, 83 Brighton Rd

SESW Woodmansterne Lagoon Update

Woodmansterne Lagoon & Drakes Field Footpaths - update

Sutton and East Surrey Water have purchased a 100 sq m strip of land from Midday Sun to the top of Lyndhurst Rd to install a much needed waste water lagoon and provide a base for the reconstruction of the main site. There is no foul i.e. sewerage water involved as it is the water used to clean filters etc, which is allowed to naturally filter through the chalk into the aquifer and is re-cycled. Due to the land contours the lagoon will be sited towards the Lyndhurst Rd end.

Negotiations are underway which should preserve the footpaths but as the "authorities" don't know whether these are "rights of way" it seems a good idea to get them registered as such. To do this requires users to submit forms of usage to Surrey County Council. Woodmansterne are meeting with them in September and need at least 100 declarations.

If you use these paths please contact Christine O'Brien of Woodmansterne Residents Association who is leading the campaign and collating the forms which can be emailed to her. The email address for the WRA is:

71 Rectory Lane,

Below is the link to a copy of the claim form and a map of the footpaths in question.