Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Old Lodge Lane Closure

As you have no doubt heard the Main Line Bridge is going to be replaced and the road closed to traffic from 18:00 hrs 16 December 2015 Until 17.00 hrs 11 January 2016 so that this bridge can be replaced.
For the whole period the 455 bus will be rerouted from 04:00 16 December as follows:
The 455 bus to Purley will go up Burcott Road, left onto Higher Drive, left into Foxley Hill Road and  left into Godstone Road. The bus will then stop at the Tesco stop before continuing its normal route to Croydon and Wallington.
As for the return Journey we hope that we can convince TfL to do a loop so that it stops on the High Street side of Purley Cross and then goes round its normal route to the Tesco stop before looping round  and going back up the Godstone Road, turning right into Foxley Hill Road, right into Higher Drive, continuing along Higher Drive, turning right into Bencombe Road and then turning left into Old Lodge Lane and continuing on its normal route to Canons Hill.
There is a map on our website on the following link

There is also complete closure under the bridge for pedestrians from 18:00 hrs 30 December 2015 to 04:00hrs 04 January 2016. During this period there will be a shuttle service picking up from Old Lodge Lane then Hartley Down and then taking pedestrians from there to the drop off point at Reedham Station. There will be another shuttle bus to do the return journey. We have been advised that there maybe a need to close the road under the bridge for pedestrians before 30thDecember and we will advise you by E-Blast when further information is available. If this is necessary the shuttle service will start early.
As you are aware there are many diversion signs for drivers and we have pointed out a couple of points where signs need to be displayed, i.e. traffic coming down Hayes Lane into Old Lodge Lane and traffic coming from Kenley Station via Higher Drive into Old Lodge Lane.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

From Local MP Chris Philp

Dear Neighbour,
Our local green spaces and the character of our local area are under threat, and I would like your help to try to protect them. I apologise that this is quite a long email, but it is an important topic.
Croydon council (which is currently Labour-controlled) has recently published a draft “Local Plan” for consultation. The Local Plan lays out broadly what the council will allow to be built over the next 20 years. If a planning application comes forward which is consistent with the Local Plan it will almost certainly be passed.  The deadline to respond to the consultation is 18th December 2015.
As our local MP, I have very serious concerns that some of the proposals in the draft Local Plan will threaten green spaces and the character of our neighbourhood. Of course we need to build more homes, but I believe that we should prioritise brownfield sites and make sure we preserve the character of our area.
I have gone through the 200 page document in detail, and I have listed what I think are the worst 10 proposals below. If you can face looking at the full document, it can be viewed here:
If you agree with some or all of my objections below, please can you email by 18thDecember 2015 to make clear that you object too, quoting the Policy reference numbers which I have given.
1. Garden Grabbing
Policy DM2 (p18) allows “garden grabs” to become much easier. National policy and London policy classifies gardens as greenfield, and there is an assumption against developing on gardens. But new Policy DM2 says that the council will allow building on gardens if “it will complement the local character and biodiversity is protected”. This is totally subjective and so is a much weaker form of protection, and will provide cover for developers to be given planning consent to build on gardens. I oppose making it easier to build on gardens as it will remove green space from our neighbourhood. There should be a presumption against building on gardens.
2. Purley Skyscraper authorisation
Policy DM40.1 (p166) says that a skyscraper of 16 floors can be built in the centre of Purley. I am sure that this policy is written with the specific site opposite Pizza Express on Purley Cross in mind. I totally oppose this. A skyscraper of 16 floors will completely change the character of Purley town centre and is wholly out of keeping with the rest of Purley town centre which is no higher than 5 floors.
3. Purley Pool
Policy 40.4, Table 11.3, Site 30 (p168) talks about redeveloping the current Purley Pool and multi-story car park site. Redevelopment would be welcome, but any new leisure centre must include a pool and the policy should make this clear. It should also make clear that the total number of public parking spaces should not go down.
4. Purley Parking
Policy 40.4, Table 11.3, Site 61 (p168). This car park at 54-58 Whytecliffe Road South is being re-designated as residential. Given the parking problems in Purley town centre, any new scheme should have at least as many public parking spaces as the current car park.
5. Sanderstead “Lidl” Site
Policy DM41.3, Table 11.14, site 306 (p171) says that retail can be built on the old Good Companions Pub site at the junction of Limpsfield Road and Tithepit Shaw Road. This site is owned by Lidl and has been the subject of a previous planning application by them. A Lidl or similar store on this site would cause traffic chaos. This site should only be considered for tasteful residential development, and not for retail.
6. Gypsy/Traveller site on Conduit Lane, next to Coombe Wood Gardens
Policy DM44.2, Table 11.17, site 661 (p179). The council plans to create a Gypsy/Traveller site here. This is a greenbelt site, and it is not appropriate to put a traveller site here.  Policy E of “Planning Policy for Traveller Sites”, published by the Government in August, says very clearly:  “Traveller sites (temporary or permanent) in the Green Belt are inappropriate development”.
7. Loss of Green Belt – (1) Coombe Playing Fields, (2) Croham Hurst, (3) Sanderstead Plantation
The Coombe Playing Fields, currently Green Belt, are being proposed for development in Policy DM44.2, Table 11.17, site 662 (p179). The site should remain as green belt. Croham Hurst Woods are being de-designated from Green Belt to Metropolitan Open Land in Policy SP7 of the Strategic Plan (p55 of Polices Map). Sanderstead planation is also being downgraded from Green Belt to Metropolitan Open Land. I object to all these downgrades.
8. Lack of Parking in new developments
Policy DM28 (p115-116) of the draft Plan will require developers to provide fewer parking spaces in areas of low public transport accessibility than the London Plan allows for. The Council assumes that this will lead to fewer people owning their own car.  In fact, it will lead to more and more pressure on on-street parking.  I will be calling for Policy DM28 to allow higher levels of parking in all locations than the London Plan contemplates, because so many of our District centres (such as Purley and Coulsdon) already have very severe parking problems. Policy DM29 (p120) prohibits temporary car parks.  This is too restrictive as temporary car parks may sometimes be needed.
9. Coulsdon Town centre – Current Waitrose Site
Policy DM35, Table 11.8, Site 945 (p146) is the current Waitrose on Brighton Road, which will close when the new one on Lion Green road opens. The plan contemplates residential and healthcare uses, but I believe that ground floor retail should be allowed as well as potentially healthcare, and require as many public car parking spaces as there are currently on the site. The parking is especially important given the current parking problems in Coulsdon.
10. More Protection; Less “Intensification” 
The loss of Local Area of Special Character protection for many roads such as West Hill, Campden and Spencer Roads, the Woodcote Estate and Hartley Farm will open these roads up to inappropriate development. Roads such as Oakwood Avenue in Purley should also be included as new Local Heritage Areas. In Policy DM31.4 (p126) some parts of Kenley, Sanderstead and South Croydon are earmarked for “intensification” – which is a euphemism for more building. This will change the character of those areas and should be opposed.
If you agree with some or all of my objections above, please can you email by 18thDecember 2015 to make these objections to the council in your own words, quoting the policy reference numbers I have given. I hope that we can persuade the council to change their mind on these points. I am sure that if we fight, we can keep our neighbourhood as a nice place to live.
Sorry to write such a long email, but this is an important topic.

Chris Philps 

Coulsdon West Councillor Public Meeting - Thur 4th Feb

The 3 Coulsdon West Councillors will be holding a public meeting for residents in early February next year.

The meeting will take place on Thursday 4th February from 7pm in the Coulsdon Community Centre, Barrie Close, Coulsdon.

This is there annual public meeting and is designed for the councillors to let residents know about their work over the last year and to discuss any local issues of concern in the community.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Galloway Chemist Survey

Save Our Chemist
Please could people fill in this survey regarding Galloways Pharmacy which is on The Mount. They are facing closure and it is a valued service for those who live up there and find transport difficult.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Please Help Anyway You Can

Our local Gymnastics group is struggling to find new premises and are desperately in need of help.  If you can spare any amount no matter how small, I know they will be very appreciative.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Proposed New Secondary School Survey - Please Share

Currently the council is consulting on a proposed new secondary school off Portnalls Road.  Have your say by filling in the survey below.  Donna Coppack from CWRA and Richard Thurbon of CRBF will be using the data provided to represent Coulsdon resident's views at the consultation meeting in 2 weeks.

Please share widely, as the more people who fill in the survey, the better we can represent everyone's views.

The survey can only be filled out by one person in each household so please bear this in mind when submitting your answers.

Create your own user feedback survey

Monday, 16 November 2015

Old Lodge Lane Closure over New Year

Network Rail have arranged a meeting next Tuesday 17 November at St Nicholas school from 7.00pm to 9.00pm for interested members of the public.
At the meeting Bamnutall will be explaining why the works are needed, will have a programme of works available along with tm plans displayed. There will also be a bit about the hopper bus they will be providing when the full closure (peds and vehicles on 30th Dec – 04th Jan) will be in. Unfortunately due to the size of crane required the Harltey Down and Old Lodge Lane junction will also be closed, meaning the diversion route will slightly change from when the inspection works were carried out.
The diversion will be A23 Brighton Road, Farthing Way, Marlpit Lane, Coulsdon Road, Hartley Down. At the junction of Marlpit Lane / Coulsdon Road there will be a special sign displayed diverting ‘local traffic and residents only’ north back towards the closure along with a through traffic sign sending people right onto Coulsdon Road. The diversion for people wishing to enter Old Lodge Lane will then be Hartley Down, Hartley Way and Hartley Hill.
Traffic travelling north on Coulsdon Road will be told via a VMS that ‘Old Lodge Lane closed at bridge no access to A23’ and diverted via Marlpit Lane, Farthing Way and the A23 Brighton Road.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Secondary School on Portnalls Rd

On a lampost outside St Aidan's School this morning.
It is a consultation notice for building a secondary school on Portnalls Rd.
This appears to be the link to the Croydon Local Plan 2, It is a massive document the Coulsdon specific info is on pg144 but hardly mentions the proposal.
There are 2 drop in consultation events.
Saturday 28th Nov - 10-2pm Community Space Bernard Wetherall House.
Tuesday 8th December 3:30-8pm Purley Baptist Church Banstead Rd.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Coulsdon East and Coulsdon West Safer Neighbourhood Teams Joint Community Ward Panel Meeting

Minutes from the meeting click on link below.

Update from Chris Philp MP

Dear All,
Below is an update on some of the things I have been working on locally.
Coulsdon Town Centre Parking Problems
Parking in Coulsdon town centre has been terrible since the closure of Lion Green Road car park in July because the council failed to put in place alternative parking at the time of its closure. After applying a lot of pressure, it looks like the council have finally agreed to show some urgency in opening the CALAT car park (just off Chipstead Valley Road) to the general public from the end of November. This will free up an extra 30 spaces that can be used for up to 4 hours. I have also met with Barratts, the developer at Cane Hill, and they are looking at providing at least 20 car parking spaces near Marlpit Lane roundabout for the next two years. The council has also agreed to provide 6 new on-street spaces and they are looking at "Herringbone" (i.e. diagonal) parking on Brighton Road which will also create many more spaces. I will keep working on pushing for solutions to Coulsdon's parking problems.
The new Aldi, whose car park is available to anyone for up to 1.5 hours, are now trying to change their planning consent to restrict use to customers only. This is outrageous, and not what was agreed with the community and council when Aldi's planning consent was originally granted. Given the parking problems in Coulsdon, I have urged the council to refuse permission and have formally registered my objection. It is essential that the Aldi car park stays available to everyone.
Purley Business Improvement District
I strongly support the establishment of the Purley Business Improvement District (BID), designed to give the town centre a lift.  In order for a BID to start, all businesses paying business rates in the area are polled. 50% of those polled by number and by rateable value have to approve the BID. If it is approved, a surcharge of 2% is made on business rates, and this money is then made available to the BID committee – representing local businesses and interested parties – to spend as they see fit in improving the area.
The vote among local businesses is open until 18th November, with the result announced the following day. Tesco represent 40% of the rateable value in Purley so their support is critical. After a crunch meeting I held with Tesco's Regional Manager and Simon Cripps from the Purley BID team a few weeks ago, Tesco agreed to support the BID which gives it a very strong chance of success. Because Tesco are by the far the largest business in Purley they will be contributing significantly more funds than any other business. This money will then help the whole town. I hope that the vote is successful.
There is more information here: and here:
Street Stall Dates - Selsdon, Sanderstead and Purley
In an effort to be as accessible as possible, in the last few weeks I have held street stalls or open surgeries in Waddon, Croham, Old Coulsdon village and Coulsdon town centre. Anyone who wants to can come along and raise any local or national issue with me. The next ones are coming up in Selsdon, Purley and Sanderstead as follows:
Sat 7th November, 10:30 to 12:00, Addington Road, Selsdon, opposite Sir Julian Huxley pub
Sat 14th November, 10:30 to 12:00, Brighton Road,  Purley, outside Santander
Sat 12th December, 10:30 to 12:00, Outside McColls/Post Office on Limpsfield Road, Sanderstead
Campaigning for a Grammar School for Croydon
Many people will have heard that a Grammar School in Kent recently received approval to open a new site in Sevenoaks. Here in Croydon we do not have any Grammar Schools, although neighbouring Bromley and Sutton both do (I went to a Grammar School in a next-door Borough because my parents could not afford the fees at Trinity here in Croydon, where I was offered a place). I believe that Grammar Schools help children from ordinary backgrounds like mine achieve their potential. I have therefore been working with the Headmaster of Wallington County Grammar School in Sutton to explore opening a new satellite site of that school here in Croydon. I have already written to Education Secretary Nicky Morgan to get the ball rolling, and there is more information here:
News in Brief
I am continuing to oppose the plans for a 16 floor skyscraper in Purley (see, oppose the Labour council's plans to charge for green waste collection, campaigning to get Purley Hospital Minor Injuries Unit open in the morning as well as the afternoon and am working on pressing Southern Rail to improve their abysmal performance. These topics were all covered in my previous emails, and further information is on
I was delighted to attend and speak at a recent fund raising event for Friends of Grange Park in Old Coulsdon who are raising money to renovate the playground. Further details at I was also delighted to speak to hundreds of students and parents at Riddlesdown College's annual prize giving and at Croham Valley Residents’ Association's AGM recently. I was also pleased to recently speak to the South East Cancer Help Centre (see which does incredible work.
In Westminster
In Westminster, I have been active on our behalf. Earlier this week I spoke in a debate on the new Housing Bill, a video clip of which is here: Further thoughts on providing more housing are here: I also appeared on Channel 4 news discussing tax credits recently: On the Treasury Select Committee I questioned the Chancellor about making sure banks cannot get to the stage of needing a public bailout again. I also served on the Finance Bill Committee, which turned the July budget into law. This included a big increase in the minimum wage, which I have been campaigning on for some time, increases to the tax free allowance (meaning people earning less than £100,000 can keep more of the money they earn) and a cut in corporation tax. I also met this week with the CEO of RBS, which is 73% owned by the taxpayer, to make sure that we will get our money back and have spoken in a debate on combatting personal injury fraud in insurance claims.
Further information is at: and
With best wishes,

Chris Philp MP
Member of Parliament for Croydon South

Thursday, 5 November 2015

CALAT Car Park

The change of use planning application for the CALAT car park was validated on Friday and is on line to view. The reference number is 15/03700/P.
This is simply a change of use ahead of a second planning application to be submitted by the end of November for a new entrance, lighting, drainage, remarking etc.
Now that the application has been validated, I understand that the Council will be looking to proceed to open the car park and that arrangements are now being out in place to install the pay and display machine and signage. When an opening date is confirmed Catherine our Regeneration Officer will let us know.

Plans for 71 Edward Rd

Link to plans for 71 Edward Rd, Coulsdon.

Planning Application Number to follow.

Local School Expansion Consultations

There will be 3 meetings to discuss the proposed expansions of 3 of our local schools. A decision is hoped to be made by mid January 2016.

Tuesday 10th November  7-9pm - Woodcote Primary -1 form entry from Sept 2017
Wednesday 11th November  7-9pm - Smitham Primary -1 form entry from Sept 2018
Tuesday 24th November 6pm-8pm - St Nicholas School (SEN) - 56 additional places from Sept 2017

If you can't attend in person you can let your views be know via online survey (see links in pdf's below), email ( or snail mail (see address on flyer) the school should also have copies of the paper survey.

I have also included links to the consultation documents.

Woodcote Flyer & Document

Smitham Flyer & Document

St Nicholas Flyer & Document

Friday, 23 October 2015

Urgent Care Provision in the South of Croydon.

This is the press release submitted by 8 Resident's associations in the South of the Borough. It is a full discussion regarding the closure of Purley War Memorial Hospital's Urgent Care centre.
It is long, but makes many excellent points. We have had little luck in campaigning the CCG even though the scenarios proposed by them seem unworkable.
Please share widely in the hope that we can reverse their decision to close this much needed facility.
Click on the links for full documents.

Press Release
CCG Report

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Changes to Croydon's Emergency Department from November as builidng begins on £21.25m new, bigger facility



At 6am on Sunday 8 November, the Emergency Department (ED) and Urgent Care Centre (UCC) at Croydon University Hospital will move from its current location on Mayday Road to the other side of the hospital.


The major move will allow work to begin to build Croydon’s new £21.25m Emergency Department (Accident & Emergency).

The new facility has been designed by Croydon’s very own doctors and nurses to meet their exact requirements to provide better care to more people.

The hospital sees, on average, a new patient arriving for urgent or emergency care every four and half minutes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is almost twice the total number of patients every year that the unit was originally built for in the 1980s.

Croydon’s new ED will be bigger by more than a third, and will be built to the highest standards using the best examples from other Emergency Departments across the country. 


Croydon University Hospital will remain open to care for patients needing urgent and emergency care at all times.

  • At 6am on Sunday 8 November, the hospital will close the door to the old ED and UCC on Mayday Road.
  • At the very same time, they will open the door to the new, temporary ED and UCC in another part of the hospital, accessible from Woodcroft Road at the back of the site.
  • After 6am, 8 November, blue-light ambulances (carrying life-critical patients) will arrive by the hospital entrance on London Road.
  • Non-blue light ambulances (carrying urgent but less-critically ill patients) will arrive via Woodcoft Road.
  • Walk-in patient and visitors will access the ED and UCC via Woodcroft Road.
  • The move of services is expected to take less than four hours to complete.

Dr Kathryn Channing has been one of the senior doctors at the hospital leading the project.  She has overseen every aspect of the design and the preparations for the move. 

Dr Kathryn Channing,lead clinician for Emergency Department, said:

“This is a major logistical exercise, and one that has been long in the planning.  We will remain open at all times throughout the move to care for anyone who needs urgent or emergency care. Our resuscitation unit, where the sickest patients are treated, is not moving, so at all times we will be able to care for very ill patients should they arrive on foot.

“To give us breathing space to move the equipment in a carefully planned way, we are working with NHS England and the London Ambulance Service to agree a short divert for ambulances for a few hours during the morning.  This is nothing unusual, and neighbouring hospitals and the ambulance service often work together when there is planned work or peaks in demand so that we can always provide 24/7 care for patients.”

The temporary move of services will take place in the very early hours of Sunday morning (8 November) in order to minimise disruption for patients attending the department.

There will be more staff on duty to run two ED and UCC services in parallel – both in the existing location as services move out, and in the temporary “decant” location, as services move in.

Dr Channing adds:

“Everyone in the department is ready for this move.  We are so proud that the Care Quality Commission rated our Emergency Department as “good” – but we know that our care could be even better.  We have outgrown the current facilities by some margin.

“This bigger, brighter, and better facility will give people in Croydon – and our staff – the high-quality facility to match the high standards of care that we work hard to deliver every day. What’s more, it will give us flexibility to care for more people in the shortest time possible when demand for our services is at its highest.”

Following a routine inspection in summer 2015, the Care Quality Commission rated the Emergency Department at Croydon University Hospital as “good.”  The inspection report (published 7 October 2015) found that the department was well-led, with “positive comments from patients about the care received, and the attitude or motivated and considerate staff,” who treated patients with “dignity and respect.”

The new Emergency Department will address many of the issues raised by the CQC during its last inspection two years ago (2013), which found the current facility to be poorly designed and too small.

Construction is expected to last up to 18 months. Croydon’s new Emergency Department is planned to open in Spring 2017.

Keep up-to-date, follow #NewCroydonED

Croydon’s new Emergency Department will have:

  • A new Urgent Care Centre, for more minor injuries and illnesses
  • A bigger resuscitation unit for critically ill patients
  • A dedicated children’s emergency department, with its own reception, play area and waiting room
  • More ‘majors’ beds, where the very ill or injured will be treated
  • Doors on cubicles rather than old-style curtains, to improve privacy and dignity for patients in our care

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Coulsdon Town Centre Car Park

The resident's associations of Coulsdon are looking to push against the council once more regarding the parking situation in the town centre, now that the repercussions of the Lion Green Rd closure are being fully felt.

If anyone didn't sign the petition before, please do so now and feel free to encourage anyone else who feels strongly about this. The more signatures the stronger our case to make the council reconsider the situation.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Croydon Council Consider Scrapping Green Waste Colletion

Croydon council are considering scrapping the green waste collection or possibly replacing it with a paid for service. See below for the petition against this.
The political views expressed in the summary below do not represent CWRA, who are an apolitical group.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Aldi goes back on promise over parking policy

ALDI have put in a planning application for the removal of condition 16 which allows for parking for everyone for 1.5 hour whether parking in the store or not.  This was a condition which was fought for as a condition to not objecting to the planning application.

If you disagree with this please object by writing to the council.

Planning Application 15/03999/P

ALDI -15/03999/P | Erection of two storey building comprising retail foodstore (A1) at ground floor with D1 (training) and B1 (office) at first floor level; provision of associated highway and parking facilities (without compliance with condition 16 - car park management scheme - attached to planning permission 13/02579/p) | Aldi Stores LTD (Former Red Lion Public House) 159 Brighton Road, Coulsdon, CR5 2NH  - WANT TO HAVE 1.5 HOUR PARKING CONDITION FOR ALL TAKEN OFF AND ONLY FOR ALDI CUSTOMERS. -


Maureen Levy

Secretary of East Coulsdon Residents Association

Christmas Dinner Dance

Back by Popular Demand

Click on link below for menu.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Diabetes Cause, Symptoms & Treatment

There will be a public meeting organised by Woodcote Medical Patient Participation Group in Purley on Tuesday 13 October, where a guest speaker will present a talk & answer questions relating to diabetes. This event is open to all interested members of the public.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Petition Against the Reduction in Train Services for Coulsdon

This is being co-ordinated by our sister RA; ECRA

At the time of writing although we have not seen the final published timetable for Dec 2015. We are given to believe that even though over 400 people from Coulsdon complained to GTR about the loss of Stops in the Reigate and Tonbridge service at Coulsdon South and the loss of the Tattenham Corner shuttles.

They are not going to make any changes. Nor are they going to provide an additional peak hour trains at Coulsdon South as they said they would. East Surrey Transport Committee also conducted a survey of over 1000 off-peak passengers at Coulsdon South and undertook a number of surveys on the Tattenham Corner shuttle trains.  These showed an overwhelming demand for these trains to continue to stop at Coulsdon South and at least the first and last Shuttle trains to continue.

We are asking you again to protest about this treatment of Coulsdon, the only area that ends up with worse services than now.

Please sign our petition by emailing your contact detais to and we will co-ordinate the petition

Alternatively sign this online petition

Online Petition from

ECRA will not publish your details or pass them on to a third party

Also email - 
GTR - Chief Operating Officer Diane Crowther 
Chris Philp MP - 
Steve O’Connell - GLA member.

GTR Thameslink & Southern

The above companies are quoted as saying “GTR will provide more evenly spaced trains, a more reliable services and a faster off-peak service. 
Yet in Coulsdon rhey are offering us:

          Fewer trains per hour at Coulsdon Town
         Longer journey times to central London
          The withdrawal of our local service to Reigate and Tonbridge.
          Loss of turn up and go service to London Bridge
          No improvements to peak hour services.

We are asking for you to provide the expanding town of Coulsdon, with a train service that reflect the needs and desires of your passengers by :

          Maintain stops at Coulsdon South in the Reigate and Tonbridge trains.
          Maintaining the 09.33 departure from Tattenham Corner

          Improving the peak hour service.

Here is a the link to the word version of the petition if you prefer