Thursday, 17 May 2018

Dr Khan's Medical Practice

Yesterday the Coulsdon RAs met with Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS Croydon (CCCG) to discuss what happens to patents in Dr Khan’s Coulsdon Medical Practice when he retires in October 2018.

Both the CCCG and Croydon said that they are actively working with Dr Khan to ensure there is continuity for his existing patients. They assured us that after October there will an adequate GP service in Coulsdon sufficient for all of Dr Khan’s existing patients and also for the expected increase in new patients due to the new developments in and around Coulsdon.

They also gave an undertaking to work with BrickbyBrick and Croydon Council to speed the development of a new Medical Centre on the Calat Site in Coulsdon Town Centre.

They advised that there was no need for Dr Kham’s patients to seek alternative GP services at this stage, but this was up to each individual choice.

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