Thursday, 22 March 2018

Warning about Anentier Property Speculators

Hello All
As you may know, the RRA have had problems over the last 2 years or so, with a property company called Aventier, who are lodging planning applications to demolish good family detached houses in Riddlesdown and then build flats (usually 8 or 9 flats). It is kept under 10 units, because they then don’t have to included affordable housing units.

We have had four of their applications in Riddlesdown approved by the Planning Committee now, despite fierce opposition. I know they are also seeking and getting applications approved in Kenley & other parts of Purley. They have also been very active in Shirley. Aventier are based in West Wickham.
The reason for this note; does anyone have a copy of the offer letter sent to owners with the t&c’s? From what I have heard the terms and conditions of the sale are heavily weighted in Aventier’s favour and I don’t think some home owners realise the consequences and that they are tied into Aventier’s t&c’s for maybe a year, to 2 years.
If anyone has a copy of an offer letter, could you scan it and send it to me.
Phil T

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