Thursday, 18 January 2018

Re-developement plans for L.G., Community Centre and CALAT

Dear All,
Following from my previous blog posted 01/01/2018.
Time is running out for you to have your say on these plans and help CWRA to support your views. As mentioned in the preceding blog it was declared at the public enquiry "that public opinion is not a major consideration in determining planning applications" which I consider an affront to democracy.  Please continue to make your views known by specifically referring to your own situations and not merely copying and pasting from other submissions.

Lion Green. Houses WILL be built on this site but given the public engagement by the architects the feed-back is generally positive, with maybe slight relocation of one of the blocks. I have concerns regarding the car park allocation as I do not  like the proposed one-way system but am finding it difficult from the plans to judge the width between the rows. I would welcome any opinions on this and the bay widths as 116 spaces might do, providing vehicles other than smart cars can park comfortably. It was reported at the Inquiry that a very recent High Court judgment allows London Councils to deny permits to some residents, although this does not prevent them parking in the public domain.

Community Centre. It is understandable that given the popularity of the Centre with Woodmansterne, Clockhouse as well as Coulsdon residents, many people are upset at the possible closure. The decision to relocate rests with the management group who hold the lease but it must be wise for them to consider all options. Again I recommend objectors send in specific objections.

CALAT. There are only preliminary plans for this site and much will depend on the CC decision and whether the NHS will want a medical facility here - much needed as many local surgeries will be deemed "not fit for purpose" in 2020.

CWRA and the other R.A.s are seeking clarification on certain points from BbB but we will send in a response by the deadline.

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