Saturday, 9 December 2017

Meeting with BbB and LBC Officers

Geoff Hunt (CWRA Committee Member) prepared these notes on our recent meeting with BbB to further discuss the proposed redevelopment plans and where general problems were discussed with Council Officers.

7 December 2017, at Coulsdon Community Centre.
Charlie King; Peter Jarvis;, Rita Barfoot; Geoff Hunt; Maureen Levy; Nigel Rea [OCRA]; Catherine Radziwonik; Bartholomew Wren;  Minal Goswamy; Graham Lomas.

LGR Car Park Site
More parking looked at (120 may well be possible). Path to Scheduled Ancient Monument being looked at; security, particularly at night, is considered important.
Access to scout hut depends on lease. Access to UK Power Network site needs to allow large vehicles, so may make 'double-decking' the car park non-viable.
More parking sought for m/cs.
Hope to get the application in, formally, on 14 or 15 December. 
                                Usually only three weeks to respond, so Xmas might be fraught!                 Sorry!
Brief discussion of trees; tree preservation Orders [TPOs] will stand.  Others - without TPOs - may go . . .
The project needs c 150 dwellings to make it break-even.  Now "157"!  Fairly firmly fixed.  No profit, even at that number, as '50 % affordable'.
Confidential report on affordability. 
PJ questioned about traffic. Chipstead peak traffic up by 50% over four years.  Already exceeding the predicted 2020 traffic levels (after Cane Hill etc. All Completed).
LGR & CVR Junction improvement still outstanding. Second Cane Hill exit depends on the LGR & CVR junction improvement, plus six months after - to observe. 
                                [GH/RB Comment – all these little infill projects do add a lot of housing in total – so cars, kids, patients, etc.  About 30 dwellings added in and around Rickman Hill in about three or four years.]
Complex matter, indeed.  Redevelop the Post Office site, provided one LGR Pavilion being set back a bit, may help. [But, of course, lose the Post Office . . .].

Calat centre
Should now give a little more (very welcome) parking. Still trying to replicate CC.  Meeting w/ trustees tomorrow [8th December 2017].
Health Building on the CALAT Site - NHS funding is thought very likely . . .  However NHS commitment yet to be confirmed.
Height restricted to 'current maximum' for the Health Building, which is intended to have clinical on the ground floor, admin upstairs.  Site split; CC and Health.
Much still to be decided.

Community Centre Site
17 3-bed houses. 33 total dwellings, including flats, affordable; final plans not yet fixed, so some flexibility, still.
Turning circles to be reviewed.  Parking still a query.  Efforts made to make the street 'safe', with no "hiding places" for malefactors.
Parking is an issue here, too. Future steps may include an extension to Coulsdon CBZ Parking zone.

All 'affordable housing' will be transferred to 'Croydon Housing' – a Housing Trust.
Housing types [bedroom(s), and tenure] to be sent through for all three sites above.         Action - Minal.

Happy Valley
Final meeting in LBC - with recommendations - tomorrow.  Costings are rough, at this stage. Some 'innovative' financing will be looked at . . . . .
Next steps to go public after the decisions from tomorrow. Still needs to go through councillors.  Many decisions to be taken.
Funding is a potential stumbling block – there is almost no money.

Town Centre 
Paving deteriorating, but some items take longer . . .
Toilet still closed. This, despite an assurance it will be fixed on Saturday last (4.12.2017).
Council not good at decision making.

Foliage LGR Marlpit & CanE Hill.  Under discussion, and will be pressed on.

Leaden Hill - a ’shed’ for sale.  
Oakwood phase 3 in the New Year. 
Edward Road demolition started - for a total of nine dwellings. 
                                [GH/RB Comment – all these little infill projects do add a lot of housing in total – so cars, kids, patients, etc.]

Parking in front of Pizza Express gives hassle - still to be sorted. PE’s planters in use, but needing Oakwood's help to resolve.
Snagging etc. in the Town Centre: - only fixed if it is a safety matter - trip hazard needs to be 2 cm high.
Even then, time is taken, and not all ‘repairs’ are done well.

CK spoke to Waitrose, keen. library - possibly outside, but will need to go through Carillion and the Council.

AOB. Closure of Lloyd's Bank. February 2018 -  an isolated decision, not in consultation with other banks.
Closed at about 1745. 

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