Thursday, 11 May 2017


From Kenley R.A.

Dear fellow Residents Associations,  
I wanted to alert you to a scammer who targeted Kenley last weekend.
The scam involves a lady knocking on the door of elderly residents late in the evening, typically a Friday or Saturday evening and claiming that her relative has been rushed to hospital, and she would like someone to drive her there. This rapidly turns into a request for money.
Unfortunately, a number of our residents fell victim to this scam and handed over cash. Many other residents had the knock at the door but were astute enough to turn her away.
The Police/Safer Neighbourhood Team are involved and think they know who might be the perpetrator, as it follows a very similar MO of a convicted scammer a few years ago. As in this article:
However at this time no arrests have been made and the perpetrator is still active.
Please can you alert your residents to this scam, and, report any suspicious activity to the police.
Chris Stanley

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