Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Never trust GPO to deliver safely.

My daughter ordered a valuable bit of kit, which the supplier chose Royal Mail to deliver. Big mistake. At 7.30 am she received notification of delivery today, with of course, no time slot specified.and being a working lady she found she was  unable to log on to website to request delivery to me, next door. She stuck a notice on her door asking for it to be delivered to me.... Guess what..precious kit was lobbed over her side gate...smashed to smithereens.
I manage to accept all sorts of unexpected deliveries for neighbours, whose deliverer never seem to have a problem gaining my attention. We all have experience of just finding a collect card from Royal Mail even when we have been in. Why cannot they be bothered to knock or just allow a few minutes for people to get to the door?

They simply seem unable to provide any semblance of a public service, so please choose another carrier to avoid disappointment.

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