Thursday, 11 May 2017


From Riddlesdown R.A.

Hello All
It probably comes as no surprise that our Labour Council voted this through last night despite all the objections from residents. Democracy seems to be dead in Croydon now!
I won’t repeat what is on the Croydon Conservatives website (see link) but Cllr Sara Bashford is to refer it to the Council’s scrutiny committee, although it will probably end up with the same result!
I did note in the Officer’s report that they said they have received very few comments/complaints from the public about the continuation of speeding in Area 1 (North). 
Perhaps after 6 months from implementation in our Area and traffic speeds remaining the same i.e 30 mph and above, we ought to start writing en masse to them?! I think we are good at that and see what they are going to do about it! 
We will also to have to wait for the minutes but it appears from the report there is to be a mix and match of 20 and 30 mph speed limits on residential side streets. Not all roads will have the new lower limits and some major roads will! Motorists, pedestrians and cyclists will probably be in utter confusion! See Annexe 3 on paragraph 7 to this link
Phil T

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