Monday, 24 April 2017


21 Apr (3 days ago)
to SNTZD-Coulsdon.
Dear Residents
We recently received information of three males poaching on the Farthing downs/Happy Valley. A lurcher, Patterdales and a Jack Russell were apparently being used by the males. To clarify poaching is an offence in this area. Animals are likely to get seriously hurt or killed. Please call 999 if you see people actively poaching in Happy Valley or Farthing Downs. It is also helpful to remember descriptions and vehicle number plates if you are unable for any reason not report immediately. If police are able to attend and detain any suspects there may well be other offences being committed apart from poaching.
PC 518 Chris Allen
Coulsdon East Neighbourhood Policing Team
Tel - 020 8721 2059

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