Thursday, 31 March 2016

Paint No Longer Accepted at Purely Oaks Recycling Centre

The Purley Oaks Household & Recycling Centre no longer allows surplus paint to be disposed of, into bin 4.
Riddles down Residents Association made enquiries with Sanderstead Ward Councillor Yvette Hopley and she contacted Croydon Council officers. 
The response from a Council Officer was that “paint is now classed as hazardous waste and therefore Croydon are unable to accept it at any of their three household reuse and recycling centres.” Paint being in liquid form appears to be the problem for disposal as it causes spillage if the container is damaged.
If you have any usable surplus paint, try offering it to friends, local community groups or you can contact Community Re-Paint.
However if this is not practicable;

For disposal - Water based paints - You can dispose of “solid” water based paint which can be sent to landfill. To make make paint solid, you have to remove the lid from the can and leave it off for a number of weeks (replace the lid) before disposing of it. By putting sand in it or cat litter or makes it go hard quicker or you can buy a special hardener. Recycling Centre staff will probably want to see that the paint is hard before disposing of it. Empty paint cans (plastic or metal) or dried water based paint can be disposed of at the Council’s recycling centres.
Oil paints - In the case of oil paint this is a bit more difficult. Oil based paint is now given a chemicals advisory notice and needs to be collected by the City of London (this service is subsidised by your local authority). Further information and details about this service are on this City of London Corporation link
The City of London Corporation provides a collection service for boxed chemical and paint only. You are entitled to three collections of 50L of containers per rolling year. Chemicals and paint tins must be put into cardboard boxes for collection.
For further details, then either speak to a staff member at one of the Council’s recycling centres or contact Croydon Council direct.

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